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Grafisch ontwerp voor magazines, boeken, huisstijlen en websites.


Het begint altijd met een gesprek. Samen met u probeer ik erachter te komen wat u nou écht wilt vertellen.

Heeft u al de inhoud bepaald, maar nog geen beeld? In dat geval kom ik met een verrassend voorstel.

Op deze website kunt u kennis maken met mijn werk. Ik verheug me er al op om kennis met u te maken; met uw bedrijf, uw wensen en ideeën.



Designing identity for print and online


Studio Corina van Riel helps organizations to communicate better – whether it is a book,

brochure or magazine – we keep the attention of your audience focused on you.


Corporate magazines

Share your message and strengthen relationships.

A corporate magazine or annual report is an effective means of communication, both internally and externally.  Your target group will better understand your organization, and will become involved with what motivates you. A corporate magazine should appeal to the target audience and at the same time be accessible and – in short – worth reading.


I will help you to restyle existing formats or help you to create new formats. Starting with your ideas, we work together through the design process to reach a perfect layout suited to you. I manage the entire process from A to Z, including monitoring and keeping in close contact with the photographers, writers and illustrators involved.



A book: communication that lasts

Have you got something important to tell? A book is a powerful means of expression – especially these days where communication can be transitory and based on casual fleeting images. A digital publication doesn’t keep. A book, however, is a present worth keeping; you cherish it, you pick it up again and again.


I make books paying attention to detail and you can see that, feel that - superbly printed, beautiful paper, special binding.


Corporate identity and logo

Set yourself apart with your logo and (house) style

How do you want people to see your company? Fresh, open, bright? or professional, modest, classical.  The face of your organization should mirror your corporate identity.

To achieve this, the images I propose are the result of a long and intensive process – I need to know and understand you and your company so that I can make a fitting design that will last and will not be affected by continually changing trends.


A worthwhile investment in your company – don’t you agree?

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